Weight Loss One Pound at a Time

Have you ever seen what a pound of fat looks like?  It’s not pretty.  Yet, along our weight loss journeys, we berate ourselves for ‘only’ losing one pound.

Take a look at this:

Mygoal #017 Illustration - Weight Loss One Pound At A Time.docx

How does this image strike you?  Does it look like more than you thought it would?

Next time you are feeling down about only losing one pound, remember this picture.  It’s a lot!

When fitness professionals design exercise programs, they often speak of the importance of ‘shocking’ the body for continued results.  If you continue to do the same activity repetitively without changing anything, you’re bound to hit a plateau.

Now is the perfect time to supercharge your weight loss goals.  The first day of fall just passed and fall represents change.  Is there something in your routine you could change that would make a big difference?  Some plateau you’d like to step through?

Think for a minute.  You probably already know what it is.

If you can’t think of anything, how about just making a decision to build some positive momentum for the new year?  That’s right.  Get a head start!  You’re not going to get there all at once.  None of us are.  So, how about focusing on just one pound this week?

Can you let that be enough?

Can you imagine if you did that every week until New Year’s Day?  You’d arrive at the new year with an over 10 pound weight loss advantage!

What one habit can you change now to instigate a one pound weight loss?  Remember one pound is the equivalent of 3500 calories.  If you divide this by 7 (days of the week), you arrive at 500 calories a day to burn in order to achieve this weight loss.  It’s recommended to create this deficit with a combination of exercise and nutrition.

Call a friend and tap into your support network to brainstorm ideas to lose 1 pound/week.  Please post your ideas below, so everyone can benefit!

If it all just seems too overwhelming, remember this old Tanzanian Proverb, “little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

The momentum you build now will pay off extra when you meet January 1st!  Then, you can go for it even more with the wind at your back!  One pound at a time leads you directly to your biggest weight loss goals.  Just 1 pound, that’s it.  And, remember it’s a lot!

Mygoal #017 Illustration - Weight Loss One Pound At A Time.docx

Can you imagine what 10 pounds of this will look like by the end of the year?!

Photo courtesy of Health Books UK Ltd.