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How Momentum Can Affect Your Weight Loss Journey

Let’s keep the momentum building.  In our last post, we talked about losing weight one Mygoal #018 Illustration - How Momentum Can Affect Your Weight Loss Journeypound at a time.  Small steps can make a big difference.  So can how you feel along the way to where you’re going.

“Great things are done by a series of small things done together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

If you’re not familiar with Dave Ramsey, he’s a well-known financial expert who created a system of paying down your debts starting from the smallest to the largest.  You pay the minimum on all of your debts, except the smallest one to start.  This frees up money to pay off the smallest debt as quickly as possible.  Once you pay off the first debt, you take the monthly amount you were paying, and add it to the next payment in line (now the smallest).  The idea is to create quick energy and excitement you can sustain, because the feeling of accomplishment is so great.  He calls it the ‘snowball effect.’   As you pay off each debt, you continue to take the previous payment amount and add it to the next debt until it’s paid off, and so on.

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Weight Loss One Pound at a Time

Have you ever seen what a pound of fat looks like?  It’s not pretty.  Yet, along our weight loss journeys, we berate ourselves for ‘only’ losing one pound.

Take a look at this:

Mygoal #017 Illustration - Weight Loss One Pound At A Time.docx

How does this image strike you?  Does it look like more than you thought it would?

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10 Easy Ways to Be Healthy and Lose Weight

Are you tired yet of thinking weight loss has to be so hard? Next time you feel like giving up, just choose one idea from the following list.  Just one!    MyGoal #016 illustration (Ten)

  1. Take 10 minute mini-breaks at work and walk up and down the stairs.  Work up to 3x/day.
  2. Create a workout plan for yourself using home equipment like milk jugs, chairs, stairs, boxes, packages and cans of food.
  3. Leave your shoes by the front door, so you are always ready!  You will be ready for a walk or an organized trip to the gym.

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Weight Loss and Stress: Your Breaking Point

More than 1/3 of American adults are obese (34.9%), and roughly 2/3 of American Adults are overweight or obese.  15.5% of American teenagers are obese, and 30.4% of American teenagers are overweight or obese.  As of 2012, 18% of kids ages 6-11 were obese, and more than 1MyGoal #014 illustration (Weighing)/3 of kids and adolescents were overweight and obese.

Do you see a pattern here? We are definitely not getting healthier, at least in a big enough way to make a dent in these statistics. “In the last three decades, not one country has achieved success in reducing obesity rates,” according to Dr. Christopher Murray, Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and a founder of the Global Burden of Disease approach.

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Losing Weight Through Play: A Lost Art

MyGoal #013 Illustration (Kids Playing in the Autumn Leaves)The other day, I was sitting at a resort watching a group of kids play soccer on the front lawn.  It was not an organized game of soccer.  Rather, they were just a group of kids kicking the ball around.

This surprised me.  Then it surprised me that it surprised me.

Playing just for fun seems to be such a lost art.  Yet, here was a group of innocent children doing just that.

Growing up, I remember playing with the neighborhood kids.  We would get together after school and in the evenings to play kick the can or running bases.  We even played basketball.  Not organized basketball, but games like H-O-R-S-E and knockout.

And yes, just shooting hoops.

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Sami Stoner

Do limitations exist?  I´m sure it´s easy to answer yes to this question based on situations you may have experienced or are currently experiencing.  This story may help you think again.

MyGoal #011 illustration - girl and dogSami Stoner is a runner.  Even with a rare eye disease, called Stargardt´s disease, which causes blindness, she still runs.  While this story has been around for awhile, and Stoner has since graduated from high school, it still bears repeating.

Even though Stoner was deemed legally blind, she ran cross country in high school.  With just a bit of peripheral vision, she traversed the trails with her guide dog, Chloe.

Sound incredible?  That’s because it is!

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The Nuts and Bolts of Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

In order to lose weight, you need to manage the balance of calories in versus calories out.  If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight.  Conversely, if you eat less calories than you burn, you lose weight.  However, you can’t just starve or deprive yourself beyond what is healthy and expect to lose weight.  We all need a set number of calories/day to meet our basic needs.  It’s a delicate balance.

MyGoal #003 illustration - Healthy Eating Blog PostDo you know how many calories you eat during the course of a day?  A three day food log can help you get a handle on what you’re putting into your mouth.  See if you can commit to tracking what you eat for three days without adjusting anything, so you can get an honest look at your starting point.  Write down what you eat, what time you eat, and any other notes such as how you are feeling, so you can get a sense of your own personal food patterns.  This is simply an act of observance.  You don’t need to judge yourself for where you are.


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