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Weight Loss Limitations: Are They Real?

Have you ever heard of people writing their own personal obituaries even while they are still alive?  Sounds morbid I know, but it has a point.MyGoal #012 illultration - typewriter

It’s easy to think your life has no meaning, or you haven’t done anything noteworthy, but is this really true?  Writing your own obituary gives you a chance to reflect on your life and remember the highlights.  How do you want to be remembered?

Maybe obituary is not the right word.  Let’s call it a Celebration of Life writing exercise.  Now is the time to write your own personal triumph story. Highlight the good stuff!  Here are a few guidelines to get you started:

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Sustainable Weight Loss: Is It Possible?

How do you lose weight AND keep it off?   This is really the issue, isn’t it?  Many of us go through ups and downs in life, and it’s not uncommon for our weight to follow suit.  While it’s true many people have difficulty keeping the weight off once it’s disappeared, there are systems you can put in place to sustain your progress.  After all, weight maintenance is a lifelong process not a one-time event.  Even if you’re not in a position right now to sustain weight loss, you may benefit from knowing what it is people do to both lose the weight and keep it off.  It’s all about what you do NOW that can begin to change your future.

MyGoal #004 illustration - Sustainable Exercise Blog PostFirst of all, research shows those who keep track of their behaviors are more likely to take weight off and keep it off.  This may include tracking your exercise, your meal plans, or even how often you eat.  Writing it down will help you see exactly what’s going on.  Start by choosing a target area – something that’s been giving you a hard time, or something you want to work on.  Is there a particular part of the day you find yourself snacking more?  Is exercise harder for you during certain times of the day or even certain times of the year?  Where exactly do you slip when you get off course?  Beginning to target certain areas like this can provide the awareness to move in the right direction.

What can you do today to set the foundation for sustainable results?

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