Losing Weight Through Play: A Lost Art

MyGoal #013 Illustration (Kids Playing in the Autumn Leaves)The other day, I was sitting at a resort watching a group of kids play soccer on the front lawn.  It was not an organized game of soccer.  Rather, they were just a group of kids kicking the ball around.

This surprised me.  Then it surprised me that it surprised me.

Playing just for fun seems to be such a lost art.  Yet, here was a group of innocent children doing just that.

Growing up, I remember playing with the neighborhood kids.  We would get together after school and in the evenings to play kick the can or running bases.  We even played basketball.  Not organized basketball, but games like H-O-R-S-E and knockout.

And yes, just shooting hoops.

I saw another such example roaming the streets last week.  I came across a neighborhood I had never been to, and there on the corner block was an outdoor basketball court.  Better yet it was sprinkled with kids shooting hoops and practicing their dribbling.

This was so fun for me to see, because keeping our kids safe at all costs has cut them off from the joy of play.  Not to mention the pressure and competition that can exist.  The amount of fear we have in our society has decreased the amount of opportunity kids have to get together and simply play.  I understand the importance of stranger danger and watching out for your little ones.  But don’t you miss just a little bit the days kids rode bikes to school and met at the park after school to play?

Maybe this still happens more than I am currently aware, but it seems to be far less common than it used to be.

Did you used to play outside as a child?  Can you see how things have changed?

Wouldn’t it be great to have this kind of camaraderie even in your adult years?  Wouldn’t it be fun to meet up with a group after work to simply kick a ball around or maybe play some tennis?  For the sheer joy of the game instead of competing?

I suppose we have this in the way of group exercise classes, walking clubs, biking clubs, etc.  It is possible to create a club for just about anything, isn’t it?  It is not just about the exercise, but the community too.  It is so important to be around people who are on your same wavelength, want the same things as you, have similar interests.  Also, it just plain feels good to be around people who like to have fun!  Kick off some steam, you know?

How would your life be different if you allowed yourself to play more?  Even better how would it be different if you allowed yourself to play with others? Would this lessen the weight loss struggle just a little bit?  Do you think it would be just a little bit more fun to lose weight?

It certainly couldn’t hurt to try. In fact, it just might motivate you to lose more weight.

If you allowed yourself to do more of what you really wanted, what would that be?  What is holding you back?  A healthy dose of play can break through some of those barriers.  Grab some friends and meet some new ones! Then, lose that weight once and for all.