Kayla Montgomery

MyGoal #009 illustration - (Finish)Kayla Montgomery is one of the fastest young distance runners in the country.  She also has Multiple Sclerosis.  Because of this disease, she can’t feel the pain in her legs while she runs long distances.  She’s unable to control the finish when she breaks the motion.  Her legs become numb, and as she crosses the finish line, she needs someone to catch her fall. That someone is her coach.

Coach Patrick Cromwell waits for her at the finish to literally catch her in his arms.  Then, they begin an ice treatment, so she can regain sensation in her legs.

This might sound extreme for whatever goal you are working to achieve, but the point is this:

There really are no excuses.

With stories like this one and the few to follow, you can discover there is nothing that is insurmountable.  Your path to losing weight might be different than you’d like it to be, but with a healthy dose of acceptance and thinking beyond limits, you can find a way to become whatever you desire.

Montgomery says, “As long as I’m running, everything’s fine.”

What do you do, when everything feels fine even if your world is falling apart?  Think about what activities you’re engaged in when time seems to disappear.  Something you would find a way to do no matter what is happening in your life, because you know it makes you feel better.

Monks teach about the power of focus.  The power of breath work and concentration, so you can learn to let your thoughts pass without letting them control you.  If you have a pain in your foot as you strike the ground when you walk, this teaching leads you to focus on the spot in between – that spot where your foot is in the air before it hits the ground.

Montgomery found a way to channel her focus and pain into something she loves.

Check out this video.  If you can’t watch the whole clip, start at 9:30.  This race will inspire you to stay motivated to lose weight even if you ‘fall’ along the way.


You can let hard times stop you or propel you.  Sometimes our greatest challenges lead us into our greatest strengths.  Before Montgomery was diagnosed with MS, she was one of the slower runners on the team.  Now she leads the pack.

It helps a little too if you have someone to cheer you on.  While it is less than ideal Montgomery must learn to live with this disease – it does assure one thing – she always has someone waiting for her at the finish.

Who do you have cheering you on and waiting for you at your ‘finish line’ on your own weight loss journey?  Please share below stories to inspire and uplift!