How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

If you are struggling to lose weight, here are some ideas to revitalize your efforts:  MyGoal #005 illustration - Success Failure

  1. Remind yourself why losing weight is important to you.  It’s easy to get caught up in the number on the scale, but why do you really want to lose weight?  How do you think it will change your life?  Connect to that.
  2. Do something different.  Monotony in our habits can lead to boredom and stagnancy.  Additionally, it’s important to shock the body for continued progress and to avoid plateaus, so try something new.  If you normally walk or lift weights, do a hip hop or yoga class – something to keep your body on its toes!  The more out of your comfort zone it is, the more points you get.  As a side benefit, you’ll feel proud of yourself for having tried something new, which builds confidence and positive energy. 
  3. Join a group.  We’ve talked about this before.  Social support helps, so check out your local community center, or just get a group of friends together for a nice walk outside.  The camaraderie will lift your spirits.
  4. Back off the negative self-talk.  We can be our own worst enemy.  If you’re feeling too disappointed, frustrated, and discouraged to engage your healthy routine, one of the best things you can do is just stop fighting yourself.  This in itself can feel like a win.  Your internal pressure and negative feelings will begin to subside as you make the decision to stop being so hard on yourself.  Setbacks and plateaus are something we all face.  Be easy on yourself and know you’re not alone.  Then, re-commit to your path.
  5. Download some new music.  This can turn an otherwise boring day or routine into something fun.  Plus, it distracts you from whatever you’re doing!  If you don’t feel like working out but want to get it done anyway – music can be a definite help.
  6. Hire a coach or trainer.  Extra motivation from a mentor can get the juices flowing again.  If you can’t afford a trainer, read a book or blog that inspires you.  Start a book club!  Get a little weight loss motivation by reading other people’s success stories and tips.  There’s strength in numbers, and even if you don’t spend much time talking about the book, you just linked up with some like-minded people who can inspire you too!
  7. Write a letter from your future self who has already lost the weight to your present day self.  What would you tell yourself from a position of having already achieved your goals?  Keep the letter on hand, and read it whenever you need a boost.  Good to make friends with yourself. ☺
  8. Choose rewards to give yourself at various milestones along your weight loss journey that will get and keep you excited to keep moving forward.  Celebrating success is so important – start today to get the momentum moving in the right direction again!

Remember to not get too down on yourself.  Revisit this list whenever you need some extra motivation to lose weight and stay on track with your goals.

We’re here to support you.  Please share below some of your best ways to stay motivated and lose weight, especially when you want to quit!