10 Easy Ways to Be Healthy and Lose Weight

Are you tired yet of thinking weight loss has to be so hard? Next time you feel like giving up, just choose one idea from the following list.  Just one!    MyGoal #016 illustration (Ten)

  1. Take 10 minute mini-breaks at work and walk up and down the stairs.  Work up to 3x/day.
  2. Create a workout plan for yourself using home equipment like milk jugs, chairs, stairs, boxes, packages and cans of food.
  3. Leave your shoes by the front door, so you are always ready!  You will be ready for a walk or an organized trip to the gym.
  4. Plan your meals ahead of time.  Pick one day every week to decide what you will eat for meals the following week.
  5. Create a go-to grocery list, so you avoid temptations while at the store.  Print it off every week and add extra ingredients for additional meals you add to the mix.
  6. Cook for your friends and have them cook for you.  Each one of you can pick a day of the week to cook for the group.  Cook enough to deliver to each other.  Then, enjoy having your meals delivered to you on your days off!
  7. Split an entrée with someone when eating out at a restaurant.
  8. Make time for doing activities you love – This can really reduce stress!
  9. Talk more nicely to yourself and engage regularly in some type of relaxation practice.  It takes a load off – literally.☺
  10.  Engage supportive friends in your weight loss efforts.  Set up a plan for accountability and encouragement.

This is your go-to list when you are feeling overwhelmed.  You do not have to do everything on the list.  We all have times in our lives where our best efforts feel they are getting us nowhere.  We all go through dry spells, struggles and droughts.  It is okay.  Part of staying with your weight loss journey requires a commitment through these low valleys.  It helps to have a plan to make your way through the middle!

It does not always have to be an all our war to the finish line.  Sometimes the best we can do is just stick with it.

You can do it!