• What is MyGoal?

    MyGoal is a free RPG and goal-setting platform designed specifically for people who are ready to lose weight. Unlike other weight loss applications, we leverage the power of evidence based habit formation techniques to ensure that you establish lifelong changes. Establishing a healthy lifestyle is something that we all need to do but very few of us have the drive to stay consistent with these changes. MyGoal combines your passion for RPGs with habit forming techniques to help you create a life that you love.

  • How does MyGoal work?

    Simplicity meets enjoyment! Tell us where you are at, what you would like to achieve along with some of your favorite ways to get active! Other than that, play the game and watch as habits form with ease. Not sure how the best way to get to your goal? See our Stories BLOG for tips and tricks about how to build a proper regimen with our platform.

  • How does it differ from other weight loss motivational tools?

    Most fitness applications focus on health aspects first which leads to a boring app. At MyGoal we understand the power that an enjoyable game can have on your real life actions. Therefore, we chose to focus on making an enjoyable but habit forming game first!

MyGoal: Inspiring healthy & happy lives through gamified habit formation

Frequent Questions

Do you provide nutritional and exercise programs?

A successful fitness program is all about consistency and finding what works for you as an individual! For this reason, we focus on motivation while encouraging you to discover healthy habits that match your personal interests and goals. With that being said, our BLOG covers the basics of developing a successful program.

Will you share my data?

Although we are technically not a healthcare organization, we modeled our privacy policies after those you would find in a healthcare setting (research HIPPA for more information). We never share any data connected to personal identifiers by having you create a private nickname and avatar. Also, we won’t post anything on your facebook feed without your permission.