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About MyGoal

With the help of blockchain, we are building a mobile RPG game that integrates with a real life and helps people to lose weight, develop good habits to keep weight off for a long time.
When people playing a game it doesn’t feel like a painful experience or something hard or challenging.
They just playing.

GOAL Token And Technology

Cryptocurrency opens up a new world of possibilities to leverage financial incentivization for a weight loss. Aligned with game mechanics it strengthens motivation and pushes it to the next levels.

GOAL token is a system that enables people to commit to their weight goals with crypto tokens. In case of successful goal accomplishment, committed amount successfully returned back to the player.  Otherwise, GOAL tokens are getting burned forever.


For You

MyGoal is on the mission to make our world better. With your help, we will change the way how people are dealing with the chaos of life and our brain’s resistance to change. GOAL token can be used as a gift to friends or family members along with the delivery commitment on a real-life goals achievement of those who we care about.

Game Preview


RPG Game

A Real RPG Game.
Level up your hero, grow up an army, upgrade, fight and win!
All of that aligned with the real-life activities that lead to player's weight loss.


A set of motivational technics enables a player to stick to commitments and keep doing 'good' things in real life.
Leaveraging Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation, Financial insentivization, Social pressure, etc.

Free To Play

Anybody can play for free. GOAL tokens is a flexible tool that can bring player's motivation and goal commitment to the next level but there is no strong requirement to use it.

ERC20 Token Standard

The ERC20 Token is used on a variety of DAPs; giving you the ability to use the most of the advantages that Etherium offers.
Limitation of corruption and forgery, Security, Data immutability.

Feedback Loop

MyGoal enables immediate feedback from either wanted or unwanted behavior.
It helps to overcome our brain resistance to stick to commitments; helps with long-term goals prioritization over the short-term impulses.


Gaming with cryptocurrency model will be scaled to other areas of human life where extra motivation and friendly nudge is needed the most. Education, Smoking, Entrepreneurship etc. coming up next.

Key Dates

  • Pre-ICO

    Smart contract release

    Token sale for select investors

    Commencing MyGoal game development

    July 2018
  • ICO Launch

    ICO process

    Token distribution

    September 2018
  • Beta

    Game engine developed

    Beta release and testing on select players

    GOAL coin integration with the game

    December 2018
  • Game Launch

    Gameplay balance adjustments

    New gaming content, maps, and levels

    Token listed on the exchanges

    March 2019
  • Evolution

    Third party vendors integration

    Behavior analysis engine

    Recommendation engine implementation

    Individual programs development

    July 2019
  • Expansion

    Markets expansion (DLC packs for finance control, smoke quitting, education)

    Partnerships and integration programs

    Public API implementation

    Mar 2020

Token Allocation


Token Sale



Contributors motivational pool

GOAL tokens assigned to bounty program include bonus and referral tokens. All tokens left after referral payouts will be allocated to motivational programs and will be used at MyGoal platform discretion.


Bounty Program

GOAL tokens assigned to bounty program include bonus and referral tokens. All tokens left after referral payouts will be allocated to motivational programs and will be used at MyGoal platform discretion.


Team and Advisors

GOAL tokens assigned to the Company will be frozen for a period of 2 years. GOAL tokens assigned to the Advisors will be issued right after the end of Token Sale.


Company development and token distribution




GOAL tokens assigned for Reserve will be frozen for a period of 1 year. Reserve will be used to provide motivational rewards to players to accelerate the ecosystem growth at the early stage of platform operation.

Our Team

Mysterious Contributor

Mysterious Contributor

Business, marketing

We have a mysterious contributor onboard. A serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience running a successful company. Specializing on marketing and growth hacking. With his help we expand market borders and explore lots of new opportunities.

Ines Morova

Ines Morova

Art, design

Graphical artist with more than 12 years of experience working at Wargaming (Worlds of Tanks). Experience of growing with gaming company from 10 people to 1000s Ines has solid background in game design art that she will bring to cover our needs in gaming content.

Smit Patel

Smit Patel

Business, technology

Serial entrepreneur software projects and startups. Smit covers business needs of the project, set up operations and process to lead it to success.

Arseniy Shestakov

Arseniy Shestakov

Game development, technology

Development manager of the open source version of Heroes of Might and Magic game VCMI. Arseniy has an intensive knowledge of game design, game mechanics implementation, and development.

Serge Kurenkow

Serge Kurenkow

Blockchain, technology, business

Software architect and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in technology space. Worked on a variety of markets including security, entertainment, insurance, etc. Obtained master’s degree in Computer Science at Belarusian State University.



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